A very overdue post from our Vancouver trip in September. Here are a few snaps of our day in Whistler! I’ve been way too consumed by school work and nonstop studying that I haven’t gotten the chance to edit photos from 3 months ago, sad. I recently got Photoshop CS6 on my laptop and have edited a few photos from the Capilano Suspension Bridge, however, luck’s just not on my side and faced problems in colour management and the photos were very underexposed and over-saturated. Basically my laptop is just not calibrated, hence the colour difference when my pics are viewed on a phone. Thankfully fixed a little bit of the problem; they (the pics) just appear a tiny bit saturated/warmer and a slightly higher in contrast on my phone. Sigh. I either have to get a calibrator or perhaps buy a Macbook would fix the problem. But this’ll make due for now.

Not to mention, I also still have my Whistler + Vancouver Aquarium vlog to finish,  oh my…crossing my fingers that I’ll even touch that soon. Enjoy!



Photo credits goes to the boyfriend. Nice try, LOL.


This photo and my photo are the perfect epitome of how I take photos vs. how other people take photos of me. HAHA just kidding, but come on, that focus and that candid is pretty cool.


When we reached the top of the mountain it was like 17 degrees Celsius. We went from sweating balls under the sun in Whistler Village to winter quick fast. Surprisingly most of the people up here were dressed for the weather– by that I mean in full on jacket and cold weather gear. Then there was us in our ripped jeans, flannels and 3/4 knit cardigans. It was fun, nonetheless.



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